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Week 14: Kiwiberry

6 Apr

I love kiwi, but had never heard of a kiwiberry before finding it in the produce section of Whole Foods, so of course I grabbed a container and brought them home.

After a quick google search, I learned kiwiberries are related to kiwis (obviously) but don’t have the fuzzy, hairy external skin. Inside, though, they look just like a kiwi:

Nutrition-wise these puppies are chock full. They have five times the vitamin C of an orange, and are high in fiber, vitamin A, and calcium. About the size of a grape, the are intended to be eaten whole. Google instructed me to “pop in your mouth like a grape,” but we learned from the kumquat tasting incident that that can be dangerous, so I took this a little more cautiously. I cut it in half and gingerly placed it into my mouth. It’s sweet! Tastes very much like a kiwi, but sweeter, and still has that little tartness too. Absolutely delicious – I ate half the container.

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