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And so it continues…

20 Jan

I’ve decided I like having this blog. When the 52 weeks were over, I realized that I wanted to keep going. Maybe not try a new food every week, but still try lots of new foods, and maybe share some great (vegetarian) recipes that I make.

Because sometimes I make some really good stuff. And sometimes I mess recipes up really badly. And sometimes I put a lot of effort in, and make sort of mediocre food. So I’m going to keep going – trying new foods, making new recipes, and telling everyone about my adventures, because I think it’s fun. And because I want to. And that’s all that really matters. When it’s not fun anymore I’ll stop. But for now, the Caesar Salad Incident continues…

Half Way There!

4 Jul

Today it hit me: I realized that this little project is half over. When I first had the idea to try one new food each week, I thought I’d make it a few months, but I figured it would be much too hard to find fifty two new things to try. I thought I would go about my business, picking up a few things here and there and keeping a mental list for myself to make sure I had roughly one each week. I hadn’t considered blogging about it and when someone suggested creating this blog, I thought, “No way! I already have a blog! No one has TWO blogs. That’s crazy.” A blog meant a commitment: if I slacked one week or forgot or plain just didn’t feel like it, there would be a world of people (ok, maybe five) who would know I’d failed in this little project.

But then I got a ton of suggestions, people offered me recipes, and each trip to Whole Foods added even more inspiration. I realized that I love my other blog, so maybe I would love this blog too. And if only five people were going to be disappointed if I didn’t see it through, that would be just fine with me. Thus the wonderful Caesar Salad Incident was born and my culinary adventure began.

To realize that I’ve already finished half the year is exciting, but also really sad for me: I’m having such an awesome time. I know that I can still try new stuff when the year is over (obviously), but that’s not it: I really love blogging about my new food adventures. And even more I love that people have said to me that they tried something new because I did. I love that my family and friends have been trying new foods with me.  I love that people text me new fruits they see at the supermarket. I love that my cousin Jason visited from California and specifically asked if he could have a “Caesar Salad Incident” meal with me. I love that my brother requested I bring a food he’d never tried before to a family cookout. I love that my little nephews have tried new foods with me. I love that Andrew and I get to eat at amazing restaurants and try new things together.

I am twenty six new experiences richer since I began this trip in January. I have found foods that I love and are new additions to my grocery list (pomegranate, jicama, celery root); I discovered foods I don’t ever want to eat again (kumquatGulab Jamun); I have a new favorite ice cream (black raspberry chip) and new restaurants I love (Addis Red Sea, Diva). The Caesar Salad Incident is an adventure I am completely loving. I hope you are enjoying the ride too.

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