When I was 14 I went out to dinner with a friend and her family. We had salad which was, according to me, the weirdest thing ever. There were no vegetables, just lettuce, cheese, and croutons and a white creamy dressing. I loved it of course. I had my first grilled cheese at a friend’s house when I was 10 and ate my first cheeseburger in my college cafeteria. My family are not adventurous eaters (to put it incredibly mildly) but after the Caesar Salad Incident, I realized that there was a world of food out there that not only had I never tried, but that I didn’t even know existed.

Fast forward a decade and, although I eat plenty of new foods, I’ve decided to see if I can eat one new food each week for the entire year. I’m excited to see what fifty two new foods I can find in 2011. These are the rules:

  1. Every week, I’ll try one food that I’ve never had before.
  2. It doesn’t matter what the food is, the only criteria is that I can have never eaten it before.
  3. I will not eat chicken, turkey, beef or pork, since I’m pescetarian.
  4. Each week I’ll blog about the new food I’ve eaten.

Have a food suggestion? Let me know! You can email me: kimmiekm at yahoo dot com or find me on Twitter.

Oh, and check out my other blog – Been There, Read That.

One Response to “About”

  1. Danielle K. January 15, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    I’m so proud to have been part of the Caesar Salad Incident! I’m looking forward to hearing what you try this year- perhaps you’ll give me some new favorites too.

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