New Food: Fig Jam

15 Jul

I live really close to 3 Little Figs, a small coffee shop with fun menu items like fig n’ spice granola and the lil’ figgy sandwich. It was here, a few weeks ago, that I tried fig jam for the first time.

3 Little Figs is always super busy, which is kind of annoying when you live so close and you just want to read your book and sip a coffee but you are consistently foiled because every seat is always taken. I digress. One Sunday morning I was up insanely early and thought this was my very chance to actually get a seat. And I did! While I was sipping my coffee I decided to try the “toast and jam” which comes with fig jam of course.

Fig jam, like other jams, is a kind of preserve. It is made with whole chunks of figs which are cooked until softened. Some recipes call for lemon zest or salt to be added to the cooked figs. The finished product is often spread on toast or other baked goods, but it can also be used in savory dishes, like baked brie.

On my 3 Little Figs jam adventure I found there to be a whole lot of jam on the bread – bordering on excessive amounts of jam. I liked the taste – it was a little sweet – but the jam had a bit of a grainy texture that I didn’t really like. I ended up scraping a bunch of the excess off and when I just had a little taste of the jam with the bread, I liked it a whole lot more. Not sure I would order this again because although I liked it, I like other kinds of jelly and jams a whole lot more.

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