New Food: Tagine

4 Mar

I’ve heard good things about Sabur in Teele Square and we finally got a chance to check it out last week. The day before starting my new job (yay!), we decided to celebrate by having dinner at Sabur. I had read this Tufts Now review and thought that I would try the tagine because I’d never had it before.

Tagine is the name of the dish as well as the name of the pot in which it is cooked. It is a North African dish and it’s pretty much a stew. It includes ingredients that need to, well, stew for a while. wiseGEEK says that “after several hours of cooking, the ingredients in the tagine are extremely tender and very intensely flavored, and diners can ladle the tagine over rice or scoop it out of the dish with hunks of bread.” Sometimes tagine is spelled “tajine” and it usually incorporates foods and spices like like saffron, raisins, cinnamon, various nuts, citrus fruits, olives, paprika, turmeric, cumin, and coriander. The tagine at Sabur is vegetarian but it can sometimes include meats like lamb and chicken.

It was a rainy night when we celebrated at Sabur, so there were just a few diners at the restaurant. The ambiance at Sabur is terrific – two rooms of tables, low lights, lots of comfortable seating. For drinks, I ordered a cosmopolitan and Andrew got a Harpoon Munich Dark, both of which were great.  We almost didn’t order an appetizer, but we ended up with the hummus and pita bread and I’m so glad we did because it was so tasty. For our main courses, I got the tagine as planned and Andrew ordered the seared sea scallops, which came with crab polenta cakes and asparagus.

The tagine

The tagine at Sabur is vegetarian and served over couscous. And it was amazingly, fantastically wonderful. I absolutely savored every single bite and kept saying, “this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” It honestly was. It was cinnamony (but not in a dessert-y way, which I was nervous about) and just so delicious. I loved loved loved the tagine.

Andrew loved the scallops and raved about the asparagus and the polenta cakes. We will frequent Sabur, I’m sure, but I love the tagine so much that I’m not sure I’ll ever order anything else.

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