New Food: Dates

15 Feb

We went to Andrew’s parents’ house to watch the Super Bowl. I could not care less about the Super Bowl or the commercials, but I did care about all the snacks. Andrew’s mother made a ton of food, including dates stuffed with goat cheese, some wrapped with prosciutto.

Dates grow on date palm trees, which are native to northern Africa and the middle east, which is why many regional middle eastern dishes incorporate dates. Many Italian and Greek dishes do as well.

Ripe dates are a dark reddish brown color and about and inch or so long. They are wrinkled and their skin is a little waxy. Not the most attractive fruit by far. But pretty tasty. The date is sweet and the salty goat cheese was the perfect stuffing. It was a really good salty/sweet appetizer.

Want to know a random date fact?  A full grown date palm  tree can grow to be 82 feet tall. That is more than 16 times as tall as me 🙂

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