Week 48: Persimmon

5 Dec

Persimmons are in season from September until December, so when I saw one at Whole Foods, I couldn’t resist buying one to try. A little research showed that there are two types of persimmons – astringent (hachiya) and nonastringent (fuyu). Hachiya is the more common and is acorn-shaped. When ripe, it is soft. Fuyu is more of an apple shape and is crunchy.

I was pretty sure I got the astringent one because it was shaped sort of like an acorn, but bigger. I watched a YouTube video on how to eat a persimmon (check it out – the music is jazzy). Cut it in half and scoop with a spoon. Easy. And it looks so pretty too:

While you can eat it raw, Whole Foods also says that you can freeze the cut persimmon and then scoop it out and eat it like gelato. Or you can try cooking it in pudding, or adding it to bread, cake, and muffins, like other fruits.

I knew that unripe persimmons taste bad, so I waited a while to try it, but I’m not sure that did much good. Whole Foods’ website said that “when ripe they are lovely and sweet,” so either my persimmon was not ripe or Whole Foods and I have a very different idea of what constitutes lovely and sweet.

After cutting it in half, Andrew and I both scooped out a chunk. While it was juicy, it was really gritty and kind of adhered to your teeth and the roof your mouth. I spit it out, but the persimmon film had taken over my mouth. I vigorously swished water around my mouth trying to get rid of the sandy superglue but it didn’t really help. Only time and Crest can rid your mouth of that persimmon glue.

I’m not sure if the persimmon wasn’t ripe or if this is some sort of weird food quality that everyone but me and Andrew are into. I would like to try the fuyu persimmon and, if assured that its ripe, I may try the hachiya one more time.


One Response to “Week 48: Persimmon”

  1. TLW December 10, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Ack! I just ate part of a persimmon and had the same (gross) experience. While initially it is soft and sweet, the grit coats your mouth almost immediately. So now I am googling it and ended up here! I can’t imagine that anyone would ever eat this twice if this is what eating a persimmon is like. I can’t see the comments in reply to your post, so I’m not sure if this is normal… Hmmm.

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