Week 42: Almond Butter

18 Oct

If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods, you’ve seen the peanut butter grinding station, which my friend Audrey is in love with. I’d never ground my own, but on a trip there with Audrey, she stopped to grind and I looked at all the nuts available there. I spotted almonds and realized I’d never had almond butter but had heard lots of great things about it. So I ground some almonds up right there and took my first container of almond butter home with me.

Photo from A Better Bag of Groceries

Almond butter is just like peanut butter, just made with almonds (obviously). Almonds, and almond butter, are high in monounsaturated fats, and are an excellent source of Vitamin E and magnesium and a good source of fiber (wikipedia). Because almond butter is relatively new on the scene and not mass produced by the Jiffs of the world, many of the brands on the market are all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, which is another fantastic reason to give it a try.

I sliced up a fresh-picked cortland apple – picked in Vermont recently while visiting family (and seeing a hilarious play my aunt, uncle, and cousin were in) – and dabbed a healthy amount of almond butter on top. So good! I like almonds a lot, and I wasn’t surprised that almond butter tasted just like the almond version of peanut butter. It wasn’t as creamy as peanut butter, but that could just be because I had ground it myself at Whole Foods. It was a delicious snack and I’ll certainly be enjoying almond butter from now on, preferably on more freshly picked apples.

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