Week 41: Nasturtium

14 Oct

At a work event recently our table was chatting about food and cooking, so of course I mentioned this blog and all the fun foods I’ve been trying. The professor sitting next to me pointed out that the flower on our plates was edible, so of course my tablemates decided I should eat the flower.

Since I trusted this professor I figured it was safe to eat, so after a little wavering, I just decided to bite the whole top off. It was surprisingly good. Some things I’ve read online say that nasturtiums taste peppery, but I didn’t think that at all. I thought it was very crisp and fresh and had a mild flavor, but I only ate the top, not the stem or leaves, so maybe that’s where the peppery taste comes in.

Renee’s Garden talks a bit about how to use nasturtiums in recipes, which I could see being really tasty:

I prefer to toss them among sweeter greens like butterhead or crunchy Batavian lettuce, rather than with other bitter greens. They add a refreshing bite to a classic potato salad with hard-boiled eggs and a mayonnaise dressing, and pair well with seafood. A handful of the bright colored flower petals are delicious chopped into a shrimp or crab salad sandwich filling, and the whole flowers and leaves make a great garnish for a platter of grilled salmon.

I hadn’t thought this blog would lead me to eating flowers, but, hey, it was pretty good and I’m still alive a week later. I think that’s a success.

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