Week 39: Fried Pickles

29 Sep

My friend Audrey and I recently went to Cambridge Common, which is between Porter and Harvard Squares and has really good food. They also have the Lizard Lounge, where I’ve seen some really good bands play.

We sat at the bar, chatted, drank Blue Moons, and decided to try the fried pickles for an appetizer. Neither of us had ever had them, so we thought it’d be fun to try them together. The menu said they were “dill pickle spears fried in a spicy beer batter, served with ranch dressing and a spicy chipotle aioli for dipping.”

They were amazing! Whoever decided to fry the first pickle is clearly a genius. They were a little spicy and the aioli dipping sauce was a great addition. The pickles were crunchy and tasty and the batter was crispy and delicious. Such an amazing treat.

Fried pickles originated in the American south. Beers in the Hen House retells the legend of the fried pickle saying that they were first made popular in 1963 by Avery “Fatman” Lindsey (anyone else find it appropriate that “Fatman” decided to start deep frying stuff?) at his restaurant, Duchess Drive In, in Atkins, Arkansas. He added the unique, original dish to the menu attract customers.  Or, another story tells us they may have been first created in Hollywood, Mississippi at the Hollywood Cafe, when a patron wanted something different and asked asked the fry cook if he could deep fry some dill pickles.

 Whatever the story, we’ll definitely be having fried pickles again.

Just after this photo, that guy behind us randomly started telling us about the baptism differences in Christian religions. Random, but nice.

One Response to “Week 39: Fried Pickles”

  1. Jen S. September 29, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    Ha ha ha! Did he tell you that in an Eastern Orthodox baptism they’ll start by yelling at the baby about Satan? What a scary way to start a baptism! LOL Glad you liked the pickles though.

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