Week 34: Gooseberries

24 Aug

This was one of my standard “go to the grocery store and find some random thing to try” weeks. So I found gooseberries and in my rush out of Whole Foods, I didn’t google them to see how to eat them, I just assumed you’d eat them like grapes.

At home and ready to dive into the raw gooseberries, Andrew decided it might be best to google first. And we found barely anything about eating them raw.  One great site led us to believe that since this was later in the season and since the gooseberries were red, they would be sweeter, but most blogs and articles said gooseberries were too tart to eat raw. After the kumquat tasting incident, I thought not.

Almost  every article we found involved making gooseberry pies, crumbles, and fools (what the hell is a fool?). So, we decided it’d be best to just make a crumble because that’ll be easy, right?

At least it was easier than a pie (I like to tell myself). But we didn’t really follow the recipe exactly and that was a mistake. I can’t seem to find the recipe we used now, but as I recall it was a little confusing. It called for two pounds of gooseberries, but we just had one of those little containers that blueberries come in. So we kind of cut the recipe in half-ish and sort of winged it, assuming that more crumble would be a good thing.

But it was just kind of weird having so much crumble and so little gooseberry. And I think maybe we needed some water or liquid of some sort to make the gooseberries more smooshy; they were just kind of like warm, deflated, sour grapes. Which actually sounds really gross, but they weren’t terrible. They were tart and chewy and maybe they would have been good if they weren’t completely overwhelmed by our makeshift crumble.  At least it looked ok:

I have to try gooseberries again because after the strawberry rhubarb pie, I’m sure I can pull it together and make a pie. And this time we’ll get enough gooseberries and we won’t change the recipe around and guess and do strange things. Because gooseberries seem to be a great fruit to love – they are a good source of fiber and vitamins A and C and are known to be a powerful antioxidant. One site even says, “Among many health benefits of gooseberry, treating respiratory disorders is chief among them. Gooseberry health benefits can be credited to the high content of nutrients available in the tiny fruit that is useful in enhancing food absorption, fortifying the liver, enhancing mental functioning, and supporting cardiovascular activity, strengthening lungs, enhancing fertility, and soothing the urinary system during infections.”

One Response to “Week 34: Gooseberries”

  1. Tiny Silver Hammers August 24, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    For the record, I thought it was awesome. It smelled so good when it was cooking…

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