Week 31: Corn Griddle Cakes

6 Aug

This past week I’ve been in Burlington, VT for a conference for work. Burlington has a ton of amazing restaurants that often feature local and sustainable food. The first night two coworkers and I and our new-found conference friends had dinner at The Farmhouse, an amazing local restaurant with lots of creative and fun local food.

Our table shared the cheese platter because of course you can’t go to Vermont without eating a ton of cheese. I ordered the Nitty Gritty Corn Griddle Cakes, which came with roasted mushrooms, wilted greens, and buttermilk herb vinaigrette. I’d never had corn griddle cakes before; in fact, I’d never heard of them before seeing them on the menu.

A Boston Globe article from a few years ago describes corn griddle cakes like this:

Fresh corn griddlecakes are about the corn. Some kernels are cut off the cob whole for texture, while the rest are grated for intense corn flavor. Serve them as a side dish or a meatless main course (these recipes will then serve 5 to 6 diners), accompanied by a sliced tomato or green or a hearty bean or lentil salad. The basic mixture takes well to all kinds of accent flavors – and you can substitute summer’s second bumper crop, zucchini, for the corn – so you can serve variations on the theme over and over.

My griddle cakes were served with the greens right on top. I made sure to get a bit of greens with each bite of griddle cake and, man, was it good. They reminded me of pancakes, which I realize is weird when you’re eating them with greens and vinaigrette, but hey, they were still tasty.

The Boston Globe article offers some really good griddle cake combinations like adding basil and parmesan or scallion and cheddar. I figure I’ll try a few variations at home and become a corn griddle cake master.

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