Week 25: Goji Berries

22 Jun

My cousin Jason was visiting from California and was eager to see Boston. We hung out in the Public Garden, ate in Faneuil Hall, checked out Sam Adams’ grave, and shopped on Newbury. He was also excited to try a new food with me, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to break out the goji berries.

I had seen these berries at Whole Foods and knew they are antioxident rich. The package described them as “the most famous berry in the Himalayas.” Seeing how I couldn’t name any other berry of the Himalayas, I guess I’ll agree with that. This was the most informative packaging I’ve ever seen on a product: we learned that goji berries were discovered in the Himalayas 3,000 years ago, they are thought of as one of the world’s most “nutrient rich fruits,” people believe the berry promotes longevity and strength, and it is often used in Chinese and Tibetian medicines.

Jason and I each grabbed a handful of the small red berries:

They were super chewy. Jason’s only words were, “I need water.”  They didn’t taste bad, but they didn’t taste great, and they just get stuck in your teeth. I thought they’d be something fun to throw onto a salad or add to yogurt and granola, but, would I eat a handful again? I thought not. But then I took out the bag to write this blog post and began to nibble away. They really grew on me. They are a little quirky but I like them. And it doesn’t hurt to know they are used in Chinese medicine – anything the Chinese are using to heal is A-OK with me. So I’ll be seeping them in tea, adding them to muffins and cereals, and just popping them straight.

Jason has since gone back to California, but I’m thinking I should check in with him to let him know about my change of heart. Maybe if he gives them another try he’ll get past the chewy, teeth sticking issues too.

One Response to “Week 25: Goji Berries”

  1. Jen S. June 22, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    Love it! And I’m with you – if the chinese are using it for medicinal purposes, it must have potential!

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