Week 23: Aprium

6 Jun

Cookout season is upon us! My parents had a BBQ and my brother, who is home from college, asked that I bring a new food that we could both try. Since when I tasted pluots my friend Matt recommended that I try apriums as well, I thought the cookout with be a good chance for Taylor and I to try something new together.

Like the pluot, apriums are also plum/apricot hybrids. On the outside, apriums look like  apricots or little tiny peaches. Apriums are sweeter than the pluot and wikipedia says that they are “usually only available in the United States during the month of June, unlike the pluot, which can be seen in produce sections as far as into the fall season.”

My brother wasn’t the only one who wanted to try an aprium – my sister, mom, and nephews wanted to taste them as well. We all agreed they were fuzzy like a peach, although much smaller. We cut the up into slices and passed them around. Even Luke whose current tastes include only tan-colored foods, gave them a try. Although let’s be honest: at a light yellow, it’s not like apriums are a far venture from his tan-colored preferences.

He liked it!

Everyone liked the apriums because they are sweet and juicy and very peach-like. James even asked for seconds and took one home for a snack. Moniz family aprium tasting success! Now if we could just get my dad to try something new…. 🙂

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