Week 20: Poached Egg and Grana Padano Cheese

18 May

My friend Rachel and I recently went to Sorriso, an “Italian Trattoria, located in Boston’s Leather District, offering traditional Italian Cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.” It was a Thursday night, so the Happy Hour crew was abundant at the bar. Our waiter walked us farther back into the restaurant, where it was much less crowded and more quiet.

We decided on calamari for an appetizer and then shared the English pea risotto for an entree. The risotto was made with grana padano cheese and was topped with a poached egg.

Grana Padano is one of the world’s first hard cheeses and was created about 1,000 years ago by the Cistercian monks of Chiaravalle Abbey. It is known to be one of the most famous cheeses of Italy and has a grainy texture and a taste similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano. I couldn’t much taste the cheese directly in the risotto, but the dish was delicious so I guess I liked it!

I like eggs, but am not a huge fan of runny yolk, so I’d never had a poached egg. Wikipedia says that you make poached eggs by cracking an egg into a bowl then sliding it into a pan of simmering water. You then cook the egg until the “white has mostly solidified, but the yolk remains soft. The ‘perfect’ poached egg has a runny yolk, with a hardening crust and no raw white remaining.”

I’m not sure if the yolk taste was less strong because it was mixed with the creamy risotto, but I really liked it. I think since I liked it so much, I will have to try eggs benedict (without the meat) sometime soon…

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