Week 11: Jicama

16 Mar

Last weekend my friend and I went to an Inn just about 30 minutes away, had a fabulous dinner, stayed overnight, and got massages the next day. It was my first-ever massage and it was kind of the most amazing thing that’s ever happened. Anyway… on our way home we stopped at Whole Foods to get something to eat. My friend works at Whole Foods, so she’s always on the lookout for new foods for me to try. We were walking through the produce section when she pointed out jicama, which I’d never had. I got one (along with an amazing sweet potato ravioli in the deli section) and brought it home.

I googled jicama and ways to prepare it and learned that really often its eaten raw. I even watched this YouTube video of this guy cutting up a jicama (this guy really cracked me – “What is this? An onion? A potato?”). From this cooky guy I learned that jicama is from South America, can be eaten raw or cooked, has the consistency of a potato or water chestnut, is a good source of fiber, and is low in calories.

I decided to make a jicama slaw because one of my coworkers said she’d had it at a restaurant. I found a few different recipes online and decided on this recipe from Epicurious. I made a few changes to the recipe, including adding carrot and cabbage, which another recipe recommended.

So first I chopped up the jicama just like looney video guy instructed me. I added finely diced red onion, cabbage, and a carrot:

I tried the jicama raw and it was really tasty. Just like my YouTube recipe man said, it has the consistency of a potato. It doesn’t taste like a potato, but it’s crunchy and almost apple-like. Next, I whisked together the lime juice, oil, sugar, salt, and pepper and added it to the diced veggies. I topped it off with the cilantro and gave it all a good shake:

Then I tried it. And it was delicious. I know slaw isn’t really a well-balanced dinner, but I just couldn’t resist. This will definitely be a recipe for summer cookouts. Some of the comments on the recipe recommended leaving the slaw overnight to really blend the flavors, so I’m excited to try it tomorrow. And tomorrow I’ll have it with a veggie burger or a sandwich instead of just by itself for dinner 🙂

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