Week 7: Cambodian

15 Feb

Andrew and I had both heard great things about Elephant Walk and since we’d never had Cambodian before, Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Because Andrew is super on top of his game, he made reservations at the beginning of the month. Last night was warm in Boston, so we walked the mile or so to Elephant Walk in Porter Square for a 7:30pm reservation.

They had a special three course price fix menu, so we were able to try a lot of different things. For my first course, I got vegan Rouleaux, which are Cambodian spring rolls filled with tofu, peanut, noodles, carrot and onion. They are served with greens, sprouts and herbs and tuk trey dipping sauce. Tuk trey sauce is usually flavored with garlic, shallot, fish sauce, and lime juice. These spring rolls were absolutely delicious and I was so glad that the server told us how to eat them – wrap them up in the greens and sprouts and dip them in the tuk trey sauce. For his first course, Andrew got mussels, which were really tasty. A little spicy, because there were jalapenos in the sauce, but really delicious.

For my second course I got Trey Tuk Peng Pah, which was listed as one of the “traditional Cambodian” dishes. It is a crispy Asian grouper filet served in a bowl with a broth of fresh tomatoes, garlic, rice vinegar, fish sauce, fried shallots and cilantro. It was served with white rice that I dipped in the broth. Holy moly this was delicious. The broth was kind of sweet with a bit of spiciness. The menu said “tangy,” which I guess is a pretty good word for it. The crispy fish was covered in the broth, which just added a fantastic flavor to the fish. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while – I just straight up loved it.

For dessert we both ordered the “Le Péché au Chocolat” which was a dense, rich chocolate truffle cake with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. A decadent treat, it was the perfect ending to a fantastic meal. And to a perfect Valentine’s Day 🙂

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